25 April 2014

The Aquarian Theosophist, April 2014


Volume XIV, Number 6

The opening sentence of “The Aquarian” says:    

“Once the goal is noble, the purpose of obstacles is to strengthen the will.

On page one, there is a note on “Courage, Fear and Friendship”: it says that the ultimate source of confidence is a knowledge of the unity of all life.

On page 2, Helena Blavatsky examines the issue of “Being Loyal to Adyar”. “The Daily Life of Blavatsky’s Esoteric School” is the topic on p. 3. On p. 4, “The Real Meaning of Contemplation”, the fragment of an article by Damodar Mavalankar. On p. 5 the reader finds an esoteric note by W. Q. Judge entitled “On Ethics and Occultism”.  “The Power of Mantras” is on p. 6.

Other topics in the April edition include:

* “Differences Between New Age Ideas and Theosophical Teachings”, by an Associate of the ULT;

* “The Law of Habit”;

* A Strategic View of Information”;

* The Inner Temple Beyond a Baby Playpen”; and

* The First Rules of Light on the Path”.

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22 April 2014

Texts on Truth and Illusion

A List of Articles on Right Vision,
Pseudo-Theosophy, and Discernment

The Editors


Although the links given below lead to
www.TheosophyOnline.com, the articles are
available also at www.Esoteric-Philosophy.com


1) A Key to the Future of Adyar
The 1922 Statement to All Theosophists And Members of  the Theosophycal Society
B. P. Wadia

2) A Theosophical Manifesto - 1996
Action to Launch the Theosophical Society Effectively and  Healthily Into the Twenty-First Century, And Even the Next Millennium
Geoffrey A. Farthing

3) A Manifesto - Supplement 1997
The July 1997 Supplement to the Theosophical Manifesto - 1996, Concerning The Future of the (Adyar) Theosophical Society
Geoffrey A. Farthing

4) N. C. Ramanujachary: Living Up to the Original Program
A Dialogue On the Perspectives of the Adyar Society After Radha Burnier’s Presidency
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

5) The 2007-2008 Events in Adyar
A Timeline of the Facts, and An Open Letter to John Algeo
Pedro R. M. de Oliveira

6) The Aura of the Theosophical Movement
A 2011 Open Letter to the President to the Adyar Society
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

7) The Fraud in Adyar Esoteric School
It is the Right Time Already to Cease the Adoration of Fake Portraits and Imaginary Masters
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

8) The Future of the Adyar Society
The Self-Destructive Crisis Which Started in 2007 Also Opened Room for a True Renewal
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

9) The Future President of the Adyar Society
The Real Choices To Be Made In 2014 Are Not About Personalities
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

10) To the Outer Head of the Adyar E.S.
The 1976 Letter to Dr. I. K. Taimni, Regarding the Future of Adyar Esoteric School
Geoffrey A. Farthing

11) The Theosophical Movement, 1875-2075
The Hundred-Year Cycle And The Dawning of the Aquarius Age
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

12) Distorting Esoteric Philosophy
How An Adyar Leader Tampered With the Book “The Voice of the Silence”
Alice Leighton Cleather

13) Leadbeater and the Daily Life on Mars
The Founder of the Liberal Catholic Church Reports From the Red Planet
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

14) Political Life on the Red Planet
A Few Revolutionary Discoveries Which the NASA and ESA Should Know About
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

15) H.P. Blavatsky: A Great Betrayal
How Treason Took Place In the Theosophical Movement
Alice Leighton Cleather

16) Besant Announces She Is An Adept
In 1925, Various Adyar Leaders Come to The Conclusion That They Are Now Mahatmas
Mary Lutyens

17) The Wills of Helena P. Blavatsky
A Mystery About H.P.B. and Events in London, 1891 
Ernest Pelletier

18) Searching For Truth
The Testimony of a Mexican Theosophist
José Ramón Sordo

19) Cooperation Needs Truthfulness
Unity Among Theosophists Results From a Similarity of Goals and Methods
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

20) The Story of the Bolt  “HPB”  Letters
Why in 1951 the Adyar Society Published Sixteen Offensive and False Letters Ascribed to H. P. Blavatsky
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

21) Freedom From Pseudo-Theosophy
How Discernment Eliminates Esoteric Delusions
Robert Crosbie

22) Truth and “Maya” in Theosophy
Esoteric Philosophy Teaches Wisdom, Not Illusion; and Symbols Must Not Be Taken Literally
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

23) Liberating Theosophy From Jesuitism
A Few Reasons to Be Confident About the Future
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

24) The Making of an Avatar
Examining Adyar’s Attempt To Fabricate the Return of Christ 
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

25) Changing “The Secret Doctrine”
How, in the 1890s, the Adyar Society Adopted an Illegitimate Editorial Policy
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

26) Krishnamurti and Theosophy
The Avatar Who Despises the Practice of Thinking 
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

27) Mahatma Gandhi and Theosophy
Indian Leader Had Direct Contact With the Esoteric Movement
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

28) Adulterating Theosophical Literature
In 1966, the Leaders of the Adyar Society Discuss Their Tampering With Their Own Books
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

29)  The Article That H.P.B. Didn’t Write
The Longest Text in the Book “Practical Occultism” Was Not Penned by H.P. Blavatsky  
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

30) Defending the Old Lady
A Commentary on “The Letters of H.P. Blavatsky - vol. I”, Edited by John Algeo, TPH Wheaton, USA, 2003, 632 pp.
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

31) A Masterpiece of Editorial Forgery
The False Letter Which John Algeo And His “Experts” Published As Letter Seven
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

32) The Embellishment of Truth
Understanding Self-Delusion in the Esoteric Movement
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

33) The Philosophy Of Editorial Work
Five Editorial Trends in The Theosophical Movement
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

34) The Choice For Truthfulness
A Letter of Warning From an Eastern Sage Shows the Need for Sincerity in Theosophy
A Mahatma of the Himalayas

35) Pledges in Theosophy, Real and Phony
Esoteric Frauds Use Vows to Obtain Political Control Over Sincere People
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

36) No Religion Higher Than Truth
The Long Transition From Maya to Wisdom
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

37) There Is No Religion Higher Than Truth
Text Shows N. Sri Ram Knew That Leadbeater’s Writings Are False
E. L. Gardner

38) Why I Do Not Return to India
The Open Letter Whose Circulation a Few Adyar Leaders Prevented For 32 Years 
Helena P. Blavatsky

39) Two Schools of Occultism
A Poem to Truth: a Comparison Between Theosophy and Jesuitism
A Mahatma of the Himalayas

40) Book on Blavatsky is Good for Recycling
Recent Biography of H.P.B. Is Not Totally Useless
The Aquarian Theosophist

41) Geoffrey Farthing and the Algeo Letters
A Note By a Co-Editor of “The Aquarian Theosophist”
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

42) Defending the Old Lady from Rome
An Open Letter Addressed to the Theosophical Publishing House in the United States
Three Italian Theosophists

43) How to Develop Occult Powers
A Practical Approach to One of the Main Goals of the Modern Theosophical Effort
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

44) Are Doubts Acceptable in Theosophy?
Uncertainties Can Paralyze Us, Or They Can Make Us Look for Truth
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

45) The Etheric Double?
The Far-Reaching Effects of a False Assumption
Geoffrey A. Farthing

46) Transcending Organized Delusion
The Old Handbook On How to Deal With Theosophical Heretics is Getting Ineffective
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

47) On Pseudo-Theosophy
We Do Not Believe in Allowing The Presence of Sham Elements in Theosophy
Helena P. Blavatsky

48) Who Has the Right to Judge?
Life Shows That There Is No Authority, No Leadership, And No Power Higher Than Truth
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

49) Right Action, Not Quietism
Theosophy is a Call to Establish the Same Harmony on Earth as Already Exists in Heaven
John Garrigues

50) Tibetan Book of the Dead Is Ningma
A Warning to Students of Esoteric Philosophy
John Garrigues

51) Theosophy and the ‘Bardo Thodol’
Or Examining Some Affinities Between Carl G. Jung And a Certain Tibetan Sect
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

52) Modern Language and Theosophy
George Orwell Examines the Degree of Sincerity and Right Thinking in Our Everyday Language
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

53) The Resurgence of Pseudo-Theosophy
Examining a Book Which Is A Pot-Pourri of Truth and Lies
Jerome Wheeler

54) Psychology and Ethics Are Inseparable
Self-Knowledge Emerges From Acting With Justice
Erich Fromm

55) Causation, Illusion, and the Absolute
A Dialogue With H.P.B. in the London Lodge
Helena P. Blavatsky

56) TV, Hypnotism and Theosophy
Esoteric Philosophy Shows The Road to Self-Responsibility
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

57) A Strategic View of Information
Vigilance is of the Essence in the Art of Living
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

58) S. Hawking’s Scholarly Naiveté
Perhaps More Physicists Should Start Studying “The Secret Doctrine”
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

59) Iconoclasm Toward Illusions
The Day of Man’s Childhood as An Immortal Being Has Passed Away
William Q. Judge
60) U.F.O. Crews And Theosophy
Visual Effects May Have Run Their Cycle Already
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

61) Theosophy and the ‘Bardo Thodol’
Or Examining Some Affinities Between Carl G. Jung And a Certain Tibetan Sect
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

62) Freud, Jung, And Ethics
Beneath the Surface, Carl Jung’s Ideas Are Contrary to Ethics, Philosophy and Theosophy 
Erich Fromm

63) A Prophecy On the Roman Church
How a Tale From The Life of Apollonius of Tyana May Illustrate  the Destiny of  the Vatican  
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

64) Occult Roots of Religious Violence
And How Islam and Christianity Will Overcome It
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

65) What Is Theosophy?
An Examination of that Universal Wisdom Which is Present in the Most Different Traditions, at All Times
Helena P. Blavatsky

66) Why Study Theosophical History?
A Dialogue on the Evolution of a Sangha
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

67)The Fourth Object Of Theosophists
A Special Division in the Theosophical Movement, And a Few Hints as to its Future
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

68)The Importance of Esoteric Libraries
The Role Played by Archives, Books and Manuscripts in the Work for Mankind
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

69) Can We Trust People?
A Question and a Answer On Everyday Life
The Theosophical Movement

70) The New Paradigm
H.P.B.’s Life is the Seed of Future Developments
Jerome Wheeler

71) The Dharma of Being Truthful
Esoteric  Philosophy and Outward Courtesy
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

72) Pseudo-Tolerance and Real Tolerance
On the Need for Discernment Along the Way
The Theosophical Movement

73) Journals According to the Mahatmas
A Key to the Vitality of the Theosophical Movement 
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

74) The Islands of the Mind-Readers
An Unusual Short-Story on the Challenge of Sincerity, Addressed “To Whom This May Come”
Edward Bellamy

75) Compassion for Slanderer
And an Opportunity to Change for the Better, From the HPB Defense Project
The Aquarian Theosophist

76) The Challenge of the Skandhas
Understanding, and Neutralizing, the Karmic Patterns of Treason in the Theosophical Movement
Jerome Wheeler

77) The HPB Defense Project - 2014
A Report On Its Activities Since June 2005
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

78) The H.P.B. Defense Fund - 2006
“The Aquarian Theosophist” Reports on a Project to Defend the Truth About H.P. Blavatsky
Jerome Wheeler

79) The H.P.B. Defense Fund - 2005
“The Aquarian Theosophist” Announces a Project to Defend the Truth About H.P. Blavatsky
Jerome Wheeler

80) The Holy Bankers Begin to Worry
A Theosophist’s View of Present World “Crisis”
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

81) Man Is Not a Thing
The Soul of Man Can Never be Described in Words
Erich Fromm

82) Faith in God Is a Superstition
The Prayag Letter, Dictated To H. P. Blavatsky, Clarifies the Issue
A Mahatma of the Himalayas

83) On Examining Religion
A Unique Text by a Great French Philosopher of the 18th Century, Praised in the “Mahatma Letters”
Baron Holbach

84) The Crumbling Walls of Illusion
There Is No Need to Live in the Ruins of Something That Has Ceased to Exist
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

85) The Changing of the Tide
New Winds Can Change The Way One Sees the Ocean of Karma
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

86) Theosophical Glossary Not By HPB
Its Editor, G.R.S. Mead, Wrongly Used Helena P. Blavatsky’s Name
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

87) The Use of One’s Energies
A Key to the Mystery of Human Dharma
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

88) (Comprises 19 sub-items) Letters Between Helena Blavatsky and W.Q. Judge

·        Letters Between Blavatsky and Judge - 1
         H.P.B. Explains to Judge What  Happened in Adyar in 1884-1885
         Helena P. Blavatsky

·        Letters Between Blavatsky and Judge - 2
         William Judge Apologizes to Helena Blavatsky 
         William Q. Judge

·        Letters Between Blavatsky and Judge - 3
         Judge Writes to H.P.B. About the Hodgson Report 
         William Q. Judge

·        Letters Between Blavatsky and Judge - 4
         The Fragment of a March 1886 Letter, and the Full Text of Another One,
         Written in May 1886 
         William Q. Judge

·        Letters Between Blavatsky and Judge - 5
         Facing Daily Tasks, Managing Material Resources 
         Helena P. Blavatsky

·        Letters Between Blavatsky and Judge - 6
         On Copyright Issues, on Mohini Chatterjee’s Failure, and on the Blending
         With Nirmanakayas 
         Helena P. Blavatsky

·        Letters Between Blavatsky and Judge - 7
         H.P.B. Suggests W. Q. Judge Will Replace Her After “The Secret Doctrine”
         is Published
         Helena P. Blavatsky

·        Letters Between Blavatsky and Judge - 8
         The Inner Magnetic Fluid of the Theosophical Movement Was Given By
         Helena P. Blavatsky

·        Letters Between Blavatsky and Judge - 9
         H.P.B. Foretells That a Theosophical Frankenstein Will Threaten Her Work
         Helena P. Blavatsky

·        Letters Between Blavatsky and Judge - 10
         H. P. Blavatsky Has a “Bird’s Eye View” Of The Theosophical Movement,
         While          Adyar Turns Further Away From Her and From The Masters 
         Helena P. Blavatsky

·        Letters Between Blavatsky and Judge - 11
         In September 1887, H.P.B. Examines the Work in The USA and the
         Perspectives After Her Departure
         Helena P. Blavatsky

·        Letters Between Blavatsky and Judge - 12
         An Attempt to Prevent The Publication of “The Secret Doctrine”
         Helena P. Blavatsky

·        Letters Between Blavatsky and Judge - 13
         Two Short Texts Dated 1887 and 1889 
         Helena P. Blavatsky

·        Letters Between Blavatsky and Judge - 14
         H.P.B. Discusses the Editorial Line Adopted in The Path Magazine
         Helena P. Blavatsky

·        Letters Between Blavatsky and Judge - 15
         Three Letters on the Esoteric School, Written in 1888 and 1889
         Helena P. Blavatsky

·        Letters Between Blavatsky and Judge - 16
         The Theosophical Movement Does Not Need Whited Sepulchres
         Helena P. Blavatsky

·        Letters Between Blavatsky and Judge - 17
         Difficulties Expand in the Dialogue Between The Two Founders
         Helena P. Blavatsky

·        Letters Between Blavatsky and Judge - 18
         Bertram Keightley Makes a Mistake And Gets Suspended From the Esoteric
         Helena P. Blavatsky

·        Letters Between Blavatsky and Judge - 19
         A Few Months Before Dying, H. P. B. Is Attacked From Adyar and Gets
         “Tired of All”
         Helena P. Blavatsky

89) Was Cagliostro a Charlatan?
A Sage Whose Task Had Something In Common With H.P.B.’s Own Mission
Helena P. Blavatsky

90) Why H. P. B. Was Not a Madame
The Old Lady Also Did Not Use Her Title of Countess
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

91) Life and Writings of John Garrigues
A Pioneer Who Helped Preserve And Spread the Original Teachings of Theosophy 
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

92) Life And Work of Geoffrey Farthing
The Autobiographic Testimony Of a Leading Theosophist
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

93) In Defense of Criticism
According to Original Theosophy, Criticism Is the Sole Salvation From Mental Paralysis 
Helena P. Blavatsky

94) Geoffrey Hodson and His Fake Masters
Catholic Priest Sincerely Believed In Pseudo-Theosophical Frauds 
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

95) Hypocrisy and Sincerity
The Way to Wisdom Depends on the Correct Use of Personal Energies
John Garrigues

96) Olcott Against Blavatsky
A Text That Sets “Lines Clearly Drawn and Hypocrisies Unveiled”
William Q. Judge

97) An Exercise in Self-Examination
Understanding the Psychology of Illusion
Blaise Pascal

98) Helena Blavatsky’s Self-Criticism
Or How Classical Authors Like Confucius And Cicero Can Help the Theosophical Movement 
Carlos Cardoso Aveline


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