23 September 2014


The opening sentence in the present edition says:      

“There is a time to speak and a time to be in silence; a time to be invisible, and a time to be visible.”

On pages 1-2 we have the article “Multidimensional Theosophy in Action:
The Magnetic Influence of Books”.  On p. 3, N. C. Ramanujachary writes the note entitled “Helping Humanity’s Progress” and clarifies that “theosophists are not copycats”. On pp. 4-5, “An Exercise in Self-Observation: The Two Sides of Our Soul”.

Juan Pedro Bercial is the author of “Hard Facts and True Optimism”, a commentary on the book “The Fire and Light”. On p. 6, the reader sees “The Paradoxes of an Investigation”. A fragment from W.Q. Judge, “The Higher Self and the Sun”, will be found on p. 7.

Other topics in the September edition:

* There Is a Time to Become Visible;

* The Garden in the Soul;

* 27 Thoughts Along the Road;

* Julie Faber, on “The Fire and Light”;

* Preparing 2015: The Awakening of Opportunities;

* Theosophy in the Sky: a Plurality of Integrated Steps;

* History and Future of the ULT in Italy; and

* A List of U.L.T. Lodges.

The 18 pp. edition includes the two-line text “The Justice in the New Day” and the four-line, illustrated article “How to Open the Door of Knowledge”. It closes with  the  List of New Texts in www.TheosophyOnline.com  and its associated websites.

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