List of Texts in Alphabetical Order

A 3,000 Years Esoteric School - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
A Book of Quotations - Robert Crosbie
A Bridge Into the Future - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
A Broad View, or Looking in the Distance - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
A Burning Match Anticipates the New Day - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
A Controversial Letter - Jean Overton Fuller
A Day of Sunshine - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
A Few Words on Uranus - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
A Glance at the Future - Kahlil Gibran
A Global Karmic Fever - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
A Jewish Esoteric School - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
A Letter to a Hindu - Leo Tolstoy
A Lesson to Henry Olcott - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
A Lonely Disciple - N. C. Ramanujachary
A Manifesto - Supplement 1997 - Geoffrey A. Farthing
A Masterpiece of Editorial Forgery - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
A New and Brighter Scenario - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
A Philosophy With Determined Votaries - N. C. Ramanujachary
A Photo From the 1880s - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
A Plurality of Integrated Steps - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
A Prayer Before Going to Sleep - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
A Prayer to One´s Higher Self - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
A Prophecy On The Roman Church - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
A Psalm of Life - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
A Psychoanalysis of Religions - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
A Secret of the Theosophical Work - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
A Short Letter on Skandhas - John Garrigues
A Society For Speaking Truth - Unknown Author
A Strategic View of Information - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
A Theosophical Manifesto - 1996 - Geoffrey A. Farthing
Abandoning the Gospel of Money - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Adyar or the Irrelevance of Bureaucracy - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Adulterating Theosophical Literature - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Alexei Khomiakov, on Brotherhood - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Al Gore, Theosophy and the Cycle - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
All Life Is Good - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
An Aspiring Mind - Christopher Marlowe
An Essential Namelessness - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
An Astral Prophet - Helena P. Blavatsky
An Impersonal View of Life - Robert Crosbie
An Inner Center of Equilibrium - John Garrigues
An Open Letter to Annie Besant - Alice Leighton Cleather
An Unbroken View of Life - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Answer To a Russian Philosopher - Helena P. Blavatsky
Antahkarana, the Bridge to Sky - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Aphorisms of the Rabbis - The Theosophist
Aphorisms on Karma - William Q. Judge
Are Chelas “Mediums”? - Helena P. Blavatsky
Are Doubts Acceptable in Theosophy? - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Are We Self-Governed? - The Theosophical Movement
As Blavatsky Would Say - Jorge Vercillo
AUM! - William Q. Judge
Barborka, on the Secret Doctrine - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Berdyaev and the Search for Truth - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Berdyaev, On the Social Use of Falsehood - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Besant Announces She Is An Adept - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Between the Lines - John Garrigues
Blavatsky, Giudaismo e Nazismo - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Blavatsky, Judaism and Nazism - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Blavatsky, United Nations and Democracy - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Blind Belief Regarding Teachers - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Book on Blavatsky is Good for Recycling - The Aquarian Theosophist
Brazil, India and the Future of Civilization - Maurício Andrés Ribeiro
Can Females Become Adepts? - Damodar K. Mavalankar
Can Theosophists Reunite? - The Theosophical Movement
Celebrating the Eight of May - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Challenge and Optimism in Israel - Carlos Cardoso Aveline 
Changing "The Secret Doctrine" - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Chelas - Helena P. Blavatsky
Chelas And Lay Chelas - Helena P. Blavatsky
Christmas Bells - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Christmas Then and Christmas Now - Helena P. Blavatsky
Christmas Time in Polar Lands - Helena P. Blavatsky
Climate Change in Ancient Times - Helena P. Blavatsky
Cómo Construir una Logia Teosófica - Un Maestro de la Sabeduría
Commentaries to the Golden Stairs - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Compassion for Slanderers - The Aquarian Theosophist
Concerning Ammonius Saccas - José Ramón Sordo
Confidence in Masters - John Garrigues   
Culture of Concentration - Robert Crosbie
David and Goliath in Theosophy - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Defence of Theosophy - B. P. Wadia
Defending the Old Lady - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Defending the Old Lady From Rome - Three Italian Theosophists
Different Layers of Aspiration - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Different Lines of Life - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Direful Prophecies - William Q. Judge
Discipleship in the 21st Century - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Distorting Esoteric Philosophy - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Divine Ethics - B.P. Wadia
Do the Masters Really Exist? - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Donald Trump as a Mirror - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
E. Galois and A. Einstein - Catherine Meyes 
Easter and the Inner Rebirth - Carlos Cardoso Aveline 
Easter: a Time of ReAwakening - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Eastern Sources of Pythagoras - Helena P. Blavatsky
Eight Gandhian Topics - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Eisenhower Denounces Military-Industrial Complex - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Eliminating the Causes of Agression - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
El Dinero Según la Teosofia - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
El Lado Luminoso de Saturno - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
El Perfil de la Logia Independiente - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Entheasm - Alexander Wilder
Envy and Friendship - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Ernest Pelletier’s ViewpointCarlos Cardoso Aveline
Esoteric Libraries in India - Helena P. Blavatsky
Esoteric Philosophy Discards Rituals Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Esoteric Writings - T. Subba Row
Examining Seven Questions - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Extracts from Private Letters - Helena P. Blavatsky
Faith in God Is a Superstition – A Mahatma of the Himalayas
Finding the Light on the Path - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
First Letters of a Master to Sinnett - N. C. Ramanujachary
Five Messages - Helena P. Blavatsky
Fixity of Purpose- The Theosophical Movement
Food as Sacrifice - Theosophy
Four Ideas for a Brotherly Power - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Freedom From Mind Manipulation - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Freedom From Pseudo-Theosophy – Robert Crosbie
Freud, Jung and Ethics - Erich Fromm
From Fear To Happiness - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
From Germany to India, on Justice - Sieglinde Plocki
From Mexico To India, on W.Judge - José Ramón Sordo
From Ritualism to Raja Yoga - A Mahatma of the Himalayas
Geoffrey Farthing and the Algeo Letters - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Geoffrey Hodson and His Fake Masters - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Give Your Higher Self a Chance - Donald J. Trump
Giving Up Illusions About Masters - N. C. Ramanujachary
God and War in the Middle East - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Habit - An Anonymous Author
Happiness Here and Now - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Have Mercy on Me, My Soul! - Kahlil Gibran
Helena Andreevna Hahn - Lydia Bobritsky  (comp.)
Helena Blavatsky in World Literature - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Helena Blavatsky’s Self-Criticism - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Helena P. Blavatsky and Her Teachings - N. C. Ramanujachary
Healping Someone Terminally Ill - The Theosophical Movement
Health and Therapy - Various Authors
Hierocles, On Marriage - Hierocles of Alexandria
How Best to Judge People - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
How Far Away is H.P.Blavatsky? - John Garrigues
How Women Enlighten the Future - A Master of the Wisdom
How the Mahatmas Help Humanity - The Theosophical Movement
How to Develop Occult Powers - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
How to Find the Master - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
How to Obtain Self-Knowledge - Helena P. Blavatsky
How to Obtain The Fire and Light - The Aquarian Theosophist
How to Start the Day - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
How Theosophy Transcends Tribalism – Carlos Cardoso Aveline
How to Strengthen One’s Will - Helena P. Blavatsky
Humanity Is In The Making - S. Radhakrishnan
Hypocrisy and Sincerity - John Garrigues
H.P. Blavatsky: A Great Betrayal  - Alice Leighton Cleather
Iconoclasm Toward Illusion - William Q. Judge
If - Rudyard Kipling
If Christ Comes Back This Christmas - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
If There is a Problem With Our Civilization - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
In Defense of Criticism - Helena P. Blavatsky
Independent Lodge and the Movement - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Intuition and Ethical Life - S. Radhakrishnan
Israel and the Law of Cycles - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Israel as a Utopia - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Jacob Boehme in Russia - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Jesucristo, el Guerrero de la Verdad - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Jesus Christ, the Warrior of Truth - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Journal - Maine de Biran
Journals According to the Mahatmas - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Jung Writes Against Theosophy - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Justice to Judge, 2013 – The Aquarian Theosophist
Kama and Yoga - Kali Prasanna Mukerji
Krishnamurti on Besantian Delusions - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Krishnamurti and Theosophy - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
La Logia Independiente de Téosofos - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
La Logia Independiente y el Movimiento - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Leadbeater and the Daily Life on Mars - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Learning From Each and Every Event - Helena P. Blavatsky
Learning From the Feeling of Remorse - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Leibniz, Science and Theosophy - Steven H. Levy
Lessons Dreams Teach - The Theosophical Movement
Lessons From William Judge - Steven H. Levy
Liberating Theosophy From Jesuitism - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Life And Work of Geoffrey Farthing - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Life and Writings of John Garrigues - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Life´s Heavenly Treasures - The Theosophical Movement
Living in the Absolute - N. C. Ramanujachary
Living in the Atmosphere of Theosophy - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Longfellow and the Esoteric Teachings - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Looking at HPB´s Portrait - John Garrigues
Looking Beyond Personalities - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Looking Into Oneself – N. C. Ramanujachary
Looking to the Future - Joana Maria Pinho
Los Tres Tipos de Asociados - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Los Versos de Oro de Pitágoras - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Love Without Violence - Erich Fromm
Lucifer: What’s In a Name? - Helena P. Blavatsky
M.C.’S Text on Karma, Annotated - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Magnetic Circles of Universal Love - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Mahatma Gandhi and Theosophy - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Mahatmas and Chelas - Helena P. Blavatsky
Man Is Not a Thing - Erich Fromm
Masters Teach That There Is No God - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Meditating on Peace in the Middle East - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Meditation, Concentration, Will - William Q. Judge
Mental Discipline - William Q. Judge
Mercy and the Law of Karma - Robert Crosbie
Messages of Helena Blavatsky - N. C. Ramanujachary
Modern Language and Theosophy - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Moral Strenght in Judo and Theosophy - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
My Memories of John Garriges - Gabriel Blechman
Neptune, a Mystery in Front of Us - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
New Year’s Resolutions - Robert Crosbie
New York, September 7th, 1875 - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Nourishing the Gods - John Garrigues
No More Hiroshimas and Nagasakis - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
No Religion Higher Than Truth - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Observing Our States of Mind - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Obstacles and Opportunities - John Garrigues
Occult Roots of Religious Violence - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
OccultVibrations - William Q. Judge
Ode to Solitude - Alexander Pope
Of Funds and Property - William Judge
Of Work and Love - Kahlil Gibran
Olcott Against Blavatsky - William Q. Judge
Old Prophecies and Atomic War - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
On Abortion: Is Foeticide a Crime? - Helena P. Blavatsky
On Christmas Eve and the New Year - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
On Contacts with Masters - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
On Deliberate Action - John Garrigues
On Examining Religion - Baron D’Holbach
One for All, and All for One - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
On Getting Ready - B. P. Wadia
On Guarding Alertness - Acharya Shantideva
On Precipitation and Other Matters - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
On Pseudo-Theosophy - Helena P. Blavatsky
On Starting a New Year - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
In Seeing the Mistakes of Others - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
On the Cult of Books - Jorge Luis Borges
On The Life of the Disciple - Robert Crosbie
On Tolerance and Good Will - John Garrigues
On Truthfulness and Brotherhood - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
On Trying to Look Like a Scholar - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
On What is Theosophy - A Paramahansa of the Himalayas
Optimism in Esoteric Philosophy - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Original Theosophy and Creativity - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Our Week and the Solar System - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Outer Precariousness & Inner Compassion - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Paracelsus and the Book of Nature - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Pascal’s Sphere - Jorge Luis Borges
Pledges in Theosophy, Real and Phony - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Pluto: A Struggle of Two Thousand Years - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Political Life on the Red Planet - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Profile of the Independent Lodge - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Prometheus, or the Poet´s Forethought - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Racism in the Name of Theosophy - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Real Knowledge - Damodar K. Mavalankar
Reflections on Gandhi – George Orwell
Reflections on Patanjali´s Yoga - The Theosophical Movement
Renunciation Is Freedom - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Resistance to Change in Theosophy - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Respect for the Lower Self - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Right Action, Not Quietism - John Garrigues
Rise of CO2 in Atmosphere - Justin Gillis
Robert Crosbie´s Life and Work - Dallas TenBroeck
Rules for Daily Life - Unknown Authors
Search and the Searchers - John Garrigues
Searching for Truth - José Ramón Sordo
Self-Contentment in Theosophy - The Theosophical Movement
Self-Discipline in Daily Life - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Self-Forgetfulness and Bliss - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Setting Causes in Motion - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Seven Ideas For a Theosophical Life - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Seven Mongolian Aphorisms - Helena P. Blavatsky (ed.)
Seven Fragments on Discipleship - Carlos Cardoso Aveline (ed.) 
Slavophilism and Theosophy - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Sleep and Dreams - Robert Crosbie
Some Words on Daily Life - A Master of the Wisdom
Something Lelf Undone – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Song of Man - Kahlil Gibran
Song of the Flower - Kahlil Gibran
Spinoza and Western Philosophers - Helena P. Blavatsky
Spiritual Progress - Helena P. Blavatsky
Stoicism in the Esoteric Philosophy - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Stopping Filicide, Respecting Children - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Suicide Is Not Death - William Q. Judge
Sylvia Cranston, or Anita Atkins - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Taking Possession of Our Own Nature - Ivan A. Il’in
The 1900 Letter From a Mahatma - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The 2007-2008 Events in Adyar - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Ancient Theosophy in the Andes - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Art of Learning During Sleep - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Art of Loving - Erich Fromm
The Art of Repenting - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Art of Studying Theosophy - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Art of Understanding Time - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Article That H.P.B. Didn´t Write - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Assassination of the Czar - Helena P. Blavatsky
The Aura of The Theosophical Movement - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Aura or Individual Magnetism - Helena P. Blavatsky
The Beauty of Abstract Truth - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Bright Side of Saturn - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Building of Ones Character - N. C. Ramanujachary
The Causes of Deception - Steven H. Levy
The Causes of Happiness - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Center of Pascal’s Sphere - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Challenge of Learning - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Challenge of the Skandhas - Jerome Wheeler
The Changing of the Tide - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Coming of a New Cycle - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Consolidation of Victory - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Constitution of Human Nature - Francis Hutcheson
The Cosmic Creation in Every Foetus - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Creative Will - Robert Crosbie
The Crumbling Walls of Illusion – Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Culture of Learning - N.C. Ramanujachary
The Cycle of the Teacher - John Garrigues
The Cycle of Necessity - Steven H. Levy
The Daily Battle - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Desertion of Discipline - B. P. Wadia
The Destiny of Man - Nicolas Berdyaev
The Dharma Of Being Truthful - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Direct Experience of Sacredness - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Draft of a Prayer - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Dream Of Ravan - An Eastern Sage
The Dreamer - Alfred Tennyson
The Duties of Kings - Aung San Suu Kyi
The Duty of the Esoteric Movement - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Dynamics of Enthusiasm - Steven H. Levy
The Eclectic Philosophy - Alexander Wilder
The Embellishment of Truth - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Emperor’s New Suit - Hans Christian Andersen
The Energy of Light and Hope - John Garrigues
The Essence of Human Future - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Etheric Double? - Geoffrey A. Farthing
The Ethos of Global Citizenship - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Exercise of Patience - John Garrigues
The Experimental Path - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Feeling of Thankfulness - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The First Step to Take - John Garrigues
The Fourth Object Of Theosophists - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Fraud in Adyar Esoteric School - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Full Moon of May - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Function of Theosophists - John Garrigues
The Future of Mankind is Bright - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Future of Adyar Society - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Futility of Haste - John Garrigues
The Golden Verses Of Pythagoras - Hierocles of Alexandria
The Greatness of William Q. Judge - Steven H. Levy
The Great Paradox - Helena P. Blavatsky
The Guardian Wall That Protects Mankind - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The HPB Defense Fund - 2005 - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The HPB Defense Fund - 2006 - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Harmonics of Smell - Helena P. Blavatsky
The Healing Power of Universality - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The History of a Planet: Venus - Helena P. Blavatsky
The History of Nihilism in RussiaHelena P. Blavatsky
The Hour of Need - John Garrigues
The Human and the Divine - N. C. Ramanujachary
The Idea of Space in Theosophy - Steven H. Levy
The Imitation of Christ - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Importance of Esoteric Libraries - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Importance of Silence - The Theosophical Movement
The Independent Lodge of Theosophists - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Indestructibility of Sound - Sri Kshirod Sarma
The Island of Truth - George P. MacCallum
The Islands of the Mid-Readers - Edward Bellamy
The Invisible Power of the Sapphire - Helena P. Blavatsky
The Karma of Calumny - John Garrigues
The Karma of Literature and the Media - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Key to Steadiness - John Garrigues
The Key to Uprooting Hypocrisy - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Ladder of St. Augustin - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
The Law of Correspondences - Robert Crosbie
The Law of Symmetry - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Land of Sleep - Theosophical Movement
The Law of Retardation - John Garrigues
The Leadership of Example- John Garrigues
The Library of the Soul - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Life of Boris de Zirkoff - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Light and Power of Jupiter - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Light of Stars - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
The Limits of Responsibility - John Garrigues
The Lower Self as a Tool - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Magic of the Moon - John Garrigues
The Main Founder of the Movement - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Main Object of Our Loyalty - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Magnetic Influence of Books - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Mahatma Letters - A. Trevor Barker (ed.)
The Making of an Avatar - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Making of ʻThe Fire and Lightʼ - The Editor of The Aquarian
The Master Has Awaked - The Disinherited
The Masterpiece of Helena Blavatsky - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Mauryan Dynasty - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Meaning of a Pledge - One Who Is Pledged
The Meaning of the Christmas Star - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Meaning of the Swastika - Joaquim Duarte Soares
The Metaphysics of E-Theosophy - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Mind in Nature - Helena P. Blavatsky
The Mystery of All Time - An Anonymous Author 
The Music Of Colors - Alice L. Cleather
The Mystery of Karma - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Mystery of Character - Steven H. Levy
The Nativity Scene in Our Hearts - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Need for Infinity - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The New Paradigm - Jerome Wheeler
The Nothingness of Personality - Jorge Luis Borges
The Number Seven - Helena P. Blavatsky
The Observatory of Luxor - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Occult Task Ahead - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Occultation of Orion - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
The Origin of Christmas Tree - Dr. Kaygorodoff
The Opportunities Ahead of Us - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Path According to Hercules - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Pedagogy of Confidence - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Pedagogy of Theosophical Wisdom - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Philosophy of Aikido - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Philosophy of Editorial Work - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Philosophy of Yoga in Patanjali - The Theosophical Movement
The Phoenix Bird - Hans Christian Andersen
The Place of Miracles - Anonymous
The Point and the Circle - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Power of an Ideal - Steven H. Levy
The Power of Good Will - Immanuel Kant
The Power of Suggestion - Robert Crosbie
The Power of the Small - Steven H. Levy
The Power to Change the World - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Practice and the Training - Musonius Rufus
The Practice of Divine Presence - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Problem of Ethics - Erich Fromm
The Process Between Two Lives - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Process of Concentration - Sri Kshirod Sarma
The Process of Occult Osmosis - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Process of Suggestion - The Theosophical Movement
The Psychology of Ethics- The Theosophical Movement
The Psychology of Wisdom- John Garrigues
The Pythagorean YCarlos Cardoso Aveline
The Quiet Spot- John Garrigues
The Real H. P. Blavatsky - William Kingsland
The Religion of Beauty - Kahlil Gibran
The Religion of the Future - Helena P. Blavatsky
The Right Motive- John Garrigues
The Rose of Paracelsus - Jorge Luis Borges
The Rule of Sincerity - A Mahatma of the Himalayas
The Sacred Dimension of Space - John Garrigues
The Sacred Presence Next to Us - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Sacred Side of Birthdays - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Scandinavian Destiny - Jorge Luis Borges
The Science Of Life - Leo Tolstoy
The Search - Ianthe H. Hoskins
The Search for Discipleship- John Garrigues
The Seven Clauses of a Pledge - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Seven Principles Of The Movement - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Seven Selves - Kahlil Gibran
The Silent Soul - John Garrigues
The Soul - Dhananjay Desai
The Spirit of Contentment - Steven H. Levy
The Shoemaker of Seville - Viscount de Figanière
The State of Faultless Vision - N. C. Ramanujachary
The Story of “The Aquarian” – Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Story of the Bolt ʻHPBʼ Letters - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Sun of Attention - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Symbolism of Judas Iscariot - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Tell-Tale Picture Gallery- H. P. Blavatsky and W. Q. Judge
The Tests - B. P. Wadia
The Trees of the World - Helena P. Blavatsky and a Forester
Theosophical Glossary Not By HPB  -  Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Theosophical Mahatmas - Helena P. Blavatsky
The Theosophical Movement - William Q. Judge
The Theosophical Movement, 1875-2075 - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Theosophy of Abraham Lincoln - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Theosophy of Albert Einstein - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Theosophy of Barack Obama - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Theosophy of Music in Nature - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Theosophy of Namaste - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Tree of Universal Brotherhood - Helena P. Blavatsky
The Three Levels of Association - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Two Sides of Human Soul - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The ULT Day Letters, 1931-1960 - Anonymous Authors
The ULT Declaration- United Lodge of Theosophists
The Universality of Temple Mount - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Unwanted Blessing - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Up-Hill RoadCarlos Cardoso Aveline
The Use of One’s Energies  - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Valley of Waiting - John Garrigues
The Victory of Ethics - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Vitality of the Effort - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The World as a Mirror of the Soul - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Worm and the Fruit - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Wills of Helena P. Blavatsky - Ernest Pelletier
The Wisdom of Benjamin Franklin - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Wisdom of William Penn - William Penn
The Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali - William Q. Judge
The Yoga Philosophy of Patanjali - Katherine Hillard
Telepathy, the Silent Conversation - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Theosophical Movement Is Not Alone - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Theosophy and Emotion- Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Theosophy and the Bardo Thodol - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Theosophy and the Metaphor of War - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Theosophy and the Middle East - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Theosophy and the Second World War - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Theosophy as Natural Law - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Theosophy in Greece Under Nazism - K. Melissaropoulos
Theosophy on Dogmatic Religions - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Theosophy x Nazism in Germany - Sieglinde Plocki
Theosophy, Democracy and Nazism - Joaquim Duarte Soares, (comp.)
Thoughts Along the Road - 1  - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Thoughts Along the Road - 2  - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Thoughts Along the Road - 3 - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Thoughts Along the Road - 4 - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Thoughts Along the Road - 5 - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Thoughts Along the Road - 6 - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Thoughts Along the Road - 7 - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Thoughts Along the Road - 8 - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Thoughts Along the Road - 9 - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Thoughts Along the Road - 11 - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Three Dimensions of an EffortCarlos Cardoso Aveline
Three Questions on Your Life - John Garrigues
Three Russian Prophets - Nicolas Zernov
Three Theosophical Texts - Albert Einstein
To the Man in the Street - John Garrigues
To the Outer Head of the Adyar ES - Geoffrey A. Farthing
Torch-Bearers - E. Nesbit
True Happiness and Altruism - Helena P. Blavatsky
Truth and Maya in Theosophy - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Turning a House Into a Temple - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Tv, Hypnotism and Theosophy - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Two Philosophical Poems - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Two Poles of Being - John Garrigues
Two Schools of Occultism - A Mahatma of the Himalayas
Two Texts on the Jewish People - Albert Einstein
U.F.O. Crews and Theosophy - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Una Obra Maestra de Fraude Editorial - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Una Carta Abierta a Annie Besant - Alice Leighton Cleather
Una Tierra de Misterio - I - Helena P. Blavatsky
Una Tierra de Misterio - II - Helena P. Blavatsky
Una Tierra de Misterio - III - Helena P. Blavatsky
Una Tierra de Misterio - IV - Helena P. Blavatsky
Una Visión Estratégica de la Información - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Undergoing all Experience - John Garrigues
Universal Brotherhood Still a Puzzle - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Video: The Gayatri Mantra - The Aquarian Theosophist
Video: The Healing Chain Reaction - The Aquarian Theosophist
Video: Visualizing the Future of Mankind - The Aquarian Theosophist
Visualizing the Future of Mankind - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Vital Magnetism as Old as Upanishads - R. Padmanabha Charyar
W. Q. Judge And His Example - Steven H. Levy
Wanted: A Rebirth of Ethics - Boris de Zirkoff
Was Cagliostro a Charlatan? - Helena P. Blavatsky
What H. P. Blavatsky Taught Us - William Kingsland
What is Enlightenment? - Immanuel Kant
What is Karma? - Helena P. Blavatsky
What is Meditation? - Theosophy
What is Truth? - Helena P. Blavatsky
What Is Theosophy? - Helena P. Blavatsky
What Reincarnates? - Robert Crosbie
What the Media do Not Say, and Why - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
When Action Produces Joy - John Garrigues
Whether Beauty and Truth are Inseparable - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Whether Crosbie Broke His Vows - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Who Has the Right to Judge? - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Why Do They Hate the Jews? - Albert Einstein
Why HPB Was Not a Madame - Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Why I Do Not Return to India - Helena P. Blavatsky
Why One Should Disdain Hardships - Musonius Rufus
Will and Desire in Theosophy - Helena P. Blavatsky
William Dallas TenBroeck - Carlos Cardoso Aveline 
Wisdom in the Flash of a Lightning - Kahlil Gibran